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I freelance on luxury travel, food and dining for top-tier global publications and platforms. I write mainly for, Travel + Leisure and The South China Morning Post, as well as BBC Travel, CNBC, Robb Report US + UK editions, Channel News Asia and luxury lifestyle and inflight magazines.

The tastiest hotels around the world | CNN

After a great meal, it can be a trial to stagger out of the restaurant and back to your digs for the night. Enter these 20 hotels around the world, each of which is home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, for a sweet stay - in every sense.

The Middle East's emerging fine dining destination | CNN

With restaurants listed among the region's best, Abu Dhabi's upscale dining scene is becoming a hot ticket, offering scores of cuisines from around the world, from Peruvian to Thai, French to Japanese and Indian to Ethiopian.

Bhutan's dark sense of humour

What the signs lack in punctuation, they make up for by being consistently memorable, thanks to a neat turn of phrase that's perhaps unexpected from the pens of bureaucrats.

CNA Luxury
The unstoppable growth of Japanese single malt whisky and how to enjoy them

He said: "Suntory were the very first to advertise and push and spread the gospel of Japanese single malt. Even though they didn't really invent the whiskey Highball ‒ because the very first mention was actually in an American book ‒ after the war they set up a lot of small bars which specialised in serving Suntory and soda.

CNN Travel
The world's most scenic flight?

(CNN) - HNL -- MAJ -- KWA -- KSA -- PNI - TKK -- GUM. That's Honolulu -- Majuro -- Kwajalein -- Kosrae -- Pohnpei -- Chuuk -- Guam. You'll definitely want a window seat. Aviation geeks call it "the holy grail of flight routes."

Saadiyat: Abu Dhabi's 'island of happiness' | CNN

Saadiyat, or 'island of happiness,' sits on the coast of Abu Dhabi. It's a world away from the city, with turtles nesting in sand dunes, dolphins frolicking offshore, and cultural institutions, like the first outpost of the Louvre beyond France.

Eight of Vietnam's hottest new hotels

The hospitality industry is beginning to return, too. Although Covid put the construction or opening of many hotels on hold, there are now a wide range of new or newly reopened properties to choose from.

A Sunday ritual for 300,000 women

Their plastic tubs and foil trays full of food reveal much about their background, stories and struggles living in one of the world's richest and most expensive cities.

Robb Report
Dining in Paradise: The 9 Hottest Restaurants in the Maldives

Soneva Fushi The Maldives is, frankly, a ridiculously pretty country. The most turquoise of the Indian Ocean's waters lap its palm-fringed coral atolls, where soft white sand leads to an underwater wonderland. After a picture-perfect sunset, watch the sky explode with stars before retreating and falling asleep to the sound of waves.

What's inside London's secret green shelters?

But the handful of green wooden sheds known as taxi cabmen's shelters have a fascinating history. They date to 1875, back when horse-drawn Hansom cabs were the vehicle of choice for London's first taxi drivers.

Travel+Leisure Asia
Review: The Tasman, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania

IT'S ALWAYS A TEST OF a hotel when you turn up to check-in not necessarily looking like you belong there. A case in point came at The Tasman, a Luxury Collection property in the Tasmanian capital of Hobart-known as Nipaluna by the Aboriginal people of the island's southeast.

The soul of a nation's food: Vietnamese fish sauce

(CNN) - Fish sauce - nước mắm, or literally 'salted fish water' - is a Vietnamese culinary icon, an indispensable national ingredient up there with olive oil or soy sauce. But it's fair to say that the production process isn't the most fragrant, thanks to the pungent funk emanating from anchovies fermenting in vast wooden vats for a year.

7 stunning new Maldives resorts to visit in 2022

Sitting serenely in the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives guarantees the whitest of white sand beaches, dreamy sunsets and an unforgettable underwater world. Here are some of the top new resorts for those planning to visit in 2022.

Travel+Leisure Asia
The Best Restaurants in Manila For a Special Occasion

DAZZLINGLY DELICIOUS, endlessly inventive and always surprising, dishes from Manila's chefs wow even the most jaded of palates. That's thanks in large part to their embrace of brilliant, often unfamiliar native ingredients and age-old techniques. But don't forget to add beautiful plating, world-class global culinary experience, brilliant service and endless passion and pride into the mix.

Europe's finest al fresco dining spots for this summer

Few experiences celebrate the joys of summer living like eating and drinking outdoors. From the Gritti Palace on the banks of the Venice Grand Canal, to the rooftop of London's Dorchester Hotel, here are some of the best places to eat in the open air.

World's most delicious pancakes

(CNN) - The traditional Christian feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday is celebrated as a chance to eat well before the 40 days of sacrifices in the lead-up to Easter.

Travel+Leisure Asia
8 of the Most Luxurious Lunar New Year Travel Experiences to Ring in the Tiger Year

IT'S BEEN A COUPLE OF YEARS since Southeast Asia saw the annual Lunar New Year travel spike, but we're pretty sure those with means will find a way to ring in the upcoming Tiger year in over-the-top style. It's practically preordained: Like their animal namesakes, those born in the Year of The Tiger are fearless, loyal, well-loved...

CNA Luxury
Heading to Seoul? These are 6 new dining hotspots you shouldn't miss

From their charcoal-fired Pira oven, a Sichuan spiced lamb chop, Jeju black pork chop or Hanwoo beef striploin all tempt, but it's their signature seafood stew that really tempts thanks to clams, mussels and a choice of two broths, Korean rice wine or Singapore laksa -

Cognac and cigars: The golden age of inflight meals

(CNN) - Inflight dining was far from its glory days even before Covid ensured everything was plastic-wrapped and pre-ordered. On long-haul international flights, the question "chicken or fish" is often met with resigned acceptance of a nuked, tiny meal in an aluminum foil tray. A limp salad -- with half a cherry tomato.

Travel+Leisure Asia
The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Just Launched a Japanese Restolounge

FROM THE BEATLES TO BEYONCÉ and Princess Diana to Andy Warhol, pretty much every superstar passing through Hong Kong 's Fragrant Harbour has walked its marble floors, taken in the legendary views-and maybe enjoyed a tipple or two in the famous watering holes.

Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong
Here's what to expect for a holiday in the Maldives during COVID

It started with an epic checklist but ended in a profound reminder why we travel in the first place. This was no usual trip abroad, no direct hop for a week away. After extensive researching and checking government, tourism authority, news, airline and resort websites, we decided to take the plunge and proactively leave Hong Kong to travel.

Luxury hotels in Asia offering stellar deals for travelers amid coronavirus

(CNN) - As the world continues to ease lockdown measures, opportunities abound for the first wave of intrepid travelers who are willing -- and legally able -- to hit the road again. After months of closure, resorts and hotels alike are understandably very keen to get local and international business back in, meaning there are some stellar deals to be had for staycations or longer breaks.

Travel+Leisure Asia
Lucky 7 Valentine's Dinners to Help You Get Lucky | Travel+Leisure Asia

ALTHOUGH WE'RE SURE ROSES, CHOCOLATES and chilled Champagne will still be out in force, Valentine's Day this year (like all the other holidays of the past year) is truly like no other. Ever since the first lockdowns kicked in, fine-diners have looked for creative ways to unfurl those white tablecloths on our own tables.

Travel+Leisure Asia
8 of Asia's Most 'Bling Empire' Valentine's Days | Travel+Leisure Asia

BLING EMPIRE'S CHRISTINE CHIU MAY HAVE seriously raised the bar for extravagant spending, but here in Asia we're not exactly short on ways to splash the cash when it comes to travel-especially when love is in the air. In time for Valentine's Day, we present eight over-the-top trysts-ranked in ascending order of nightly room rate per couple.

South China Morning Post
The surprising cuisine of Mongolia

Mongolia's weather defines its food like few other destinations, with meals heavy in meat and dairy products and full of unique flavours Visitors can arrange to stay in tents next to families and dine with them

CNN Travel
20 new Asia Pacific luxury hotels for 2020

(CNN) - Whether you're on the sun-kissed beaches of the Maldives or in the mountains of Bhutan, enjoying the energetic buzz of Bangkokor relaxing in a quiet retreat in rural Japan, there's somewhere new for everyone looking to lay their head in style during their Asia Pacific travels this year.

Six classic cocktails to make at home - and the stories behind them

This year marks 100 years since the start of an era which was to define 1920s America, help usher in the Jazz Age and even unexpectedly boost organized crime: Prohibition. Described by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson as "a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose," Prohibition ushered in laws banning the manufacture, sale and transport of alcoholic beverages.

Travel back in time at one of these 11 historic English pubs

Historic England is the country's official list keeper of the most historically and architecturally significant places in England - places such as monuments, shipwrecks and battlefields. And pubs. Earlier this month, the heritage organization updated 11 English pub listings to reflect their cultural heritage and national importance, with one receiving a coveted Grade I designation.

Robb Report
The 7 Most Delicious Train Rides in the World

Photo: Courtesy Shaun Fenn It's hardly breaking news that long-haul airline food makes you lose the will to live-or certainly wish you'd eaten before boarding. Once a reheated foil tomb of unidentifiable slop is thrust in front of you, you then enjoy the absurdly awkward ballet of endeavoring to eat it without your elbow taking out a fellow passenger's tray-or indeed the passenger themselves.

20 of the world's best new restaurants for 2020

(CNN) - From Mexican dishes with a stellar view across the rooftops of London to Ethiopian cuisine in upstate New York, Mediterranean creativity in Bangkok to a Texas-inspired grill in Hong Kong, many of the most exciting new restaurants opening this year take their cue from global cuisines.

Under-the-Radar Places to Travel in 2020 - Discovery

Although Maine is the biggest state in the New England region of the US, it's arguably one of the least well-known and well-traversed. That should change in 2020 with the state's headline-making bicentennial. What visitors to the city of Portland can expect to encounter is a thriving yet laid-back destination with outsize culinary talent.

CNN Travel
What it's like to eat at world's best restaurant

Situated in the elegant seaside town of Menton in the French Riviera, the clue is in its name. Mirazur roughly translates as "look at the blue," suggesting a vantage point over the water. And it certainly has one, reached by a winding incline of a road.

CNN Travel
Wagyumafia: Japan's hottest restaurant serves world's most expensive beef

(CNN) - Welcoming diners such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, sporting icon David Beckham and superstar musician Ed Sheeran would be enough to make any restaurateur weep with joy. But for Hisato Hamada, the 42-year-old co-founder of Tokyo's white-hot Wagyumafia restaurant brand, which serves the world's finest cuts of Kobe beef, it's all in a day's work.

Channel News Asia Luxury
Niseko's best eats

The definitive winter playground for those seeking to ski some of the finest powder on the planet, Niseko, Japan is also home to eats which go way beyond just fuel to sustain you on the slopes.

CNN Travel
Northern exposure: Summer in the coolest US state

The (CNN) - United States' 49th state, the country's largest, is famed for snowy landscapes, wintry weather and frigid temperatures. But the long days of summer -- most of the state has almost 24-hour daylight for two months each year -- mean that there's no shortage of time to experience the wilderness, people and culture that make this a truly special destination.

Robb Report Singapore
Female chefs in Australia: Alla Wolf-Tasker from Lake House and Neisha Woo from Spice Temple are...

For urbanites living in constantly bustling Asia, it's difficult to imagine a more idyllic scene than lunch on the terrace at Lake House in Daylesford, a small town an hour northwest of Melbourne. Trees provide gentle cover from sunlight, covering the deck in warmth, while the lake in question is a perfect shade of blue and super-elegant suites and villas overlook the water.

Hong Kong Tatler
A Food Lover's Guide To Hoi An

This vibrant town in Central Vietnam has plenty of charms Sign up for our weekly newsletter to get all our top stories delivered We're on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for the latest news, events and happenings Maybe it was Hoi An's history as a maritime merchant's crossroads, one where flavours and ingredients from across Asia and around the world would meld in delicious harmony.

CNN Travel
The Australian farm where cows eat chocolate

(CNN) - It's the only flight I've ever been on where the attendant walked down the narrow aisle holding a notepad asking, "Does anyone need a taxi booking for when we land?" As introductions go to this quiet corner of South Australia, it speaks volumes.

Fine Dining Lovers
The soul of real Balinese food

Food writer Maya Kerthyasa is endeavouring to record Bali's huge array of culinary traditions before they disappear: "Food here is considered like a religion". By Chris Dwyer on The paradise destination of has grown so much as a destination that it can feel impossible to keep up with the genuine and unique soul of the island's cuisine.

CNN Travel
The extraordinary woman behind Veuve Clicquot

(CNN) - Veuve Clicquot's famous yellow label may be immediately recognizable around the world, but the remarkable woman behind the brand? Less so. The French champagne house takes its name (which translates as "Widow Clicquot") from an extraordinary, pioneering lady who overcame unimaginable hurdles to transform Veuve Clicquot into one of the world's most sought-after fine wines.

South China Morning Post
Paris is finally undergoing a Chinese restaurant revolution

For decades, Chinese food in Paris consisted largely of buffet trays of meats, rice and vegetables, all sweet and slightly cloying. Luckily things are changing, with restaurants introducing Parisians to genuine regional Chinese cuisines.

CNN Travel
9 of the most luxurious travel experiences in the US

(CNN) - Bobsledding in Utah with Olympic medalists, a $50,000 per night penthouse in New York and the chance to throw the first pitch at a Cubs game. If you're one of the lucky few happy to drop some serious coin on travel experiences in the United States, then there are almost no limits to what you can find yourself doing.

South China Morning Post
A gourmet traveller's guide to the best of Sonoma County

Three restaurants - Edge, Backyard and SingleThread - all use locally grown produce, in some cases their own and serve Sonoma wines. Their menus are heavily influenced by the seasons and change regularly.

South China Morning Post
6 of Melbourne's hottest new restaurants

From 'MasterChef Australia' mentor Shannon Bennett's Ike-Jime Seafood by Vue to Sunda's fusion fare, the dining scene in the Australian city is bursting with novel flavours

Robb Report Singapore
Female chefs in Australia: Alla Wolf-Tasker from Lake House and Neisha Woo from Spice Temple are...

For urbanites living in constantly bustling Asia, it's difficult to imagine a more idyllic scene than lunch on the terrace at Lake House in Daylesford, a small town an hour northwest of Melbourne. Trees provide gentle cover from sunlight, covering the deck in warmth, while the lake in question is a perfect shade of blue and super-elegant suites and villas overlook the water.

Silk Road: Cathay Dragon inflight magazine
Deliciously Down To Earth

Brilliant Taiwanese produce discovered with an award-winning chef

CNN Travel
13 of the world's most romantic places

(CNN) - Maybe you'd choose the white sands and turquoise waters of a deserted tropical beach. Perhaps it's the lure of iconic cultural cities such as Paris, Venice or Istanbul. Then again, the call of the wild from a safari is a pretty special way to spend time with your beloved.

CNN Travel
14 hot new global restaurants for 2018

(CNN) - French haute cuisine in Macau, Mediterranean mezze in New York, European classics in Nairobi and refined beach shack seafood in Bali are just some of the options enticing global diners to new restaurants in 2018. Here are 14 additions to the culinary must-try list for those keen to get in first at the hottest tables around the world.

Ritz-Carlton Journey
Hong Kong: The Definitive Shopping Guide

Hong Kong is the fashion capital of Asia - and for good reason. Here are the best places to shop, from boutiques to megamalls to street markets.

South China Morning Post
A Hard Day's Night Hotel

Located in a Grade II listed building dating back to 1884, the property is filled with photographs, pop art, memorabilia and more

Hong Kong Tatler
A Food Lover's Guide To Manila

The capital of The Philippines has come into its own in recent years as the nation's culinary traditions have finally started to receive long-overdue kudos. Filipino restaurants have been winning rave reviews and awards from D.C.

South China Morning Post
From caponata to cavatelli, a Sicily food journey you hope never ends

Mind-blowing ingredients grown in the volcanic soils of Mount Etna or fished from the Mediterranean Sea, piquant flavours of a cuisine shaped by waves of invaders, all savoured at an alfresco lunch put on by villagers: Sicily is the promised land

CNN Travel
12 lavish Valentine's Day experiences for 2018

(CNN) - For many of us, February 14 usually involves picking up some flowers on the way home from the office and hoping the best ones haven't already gone (they usually have). Or showing your special someone how much you care by attempting to bake for the first -- and last -- time.

BBC Travel
A Sunday ritual for 300,000 women

It was just after 11am on a Sunday morning in Hong Kong and already 32C in the shade. The dazzling sun reflected off the steel-and-glass skyscrapers in the city's central business district, while opposite the Bank of America Tower down below, Rachel untied the knot on a small plastic bag containing chicken-feet adobo.

South China Morning Post
Three of the best, most fun contemporary restaurants in Berlin

Glass, Ora and Mrs Robinson's are three restaurants that epitomise Berlin's dining scene - passionate, fun and vibrant. They serve exciting, well-presented dishes in relaxed settings with an emphasis on techniques and flavours

South China Morning Post Sunday Post Magazine
Reims: France's champagne capital and hometown of Veuve Clicquot

The portrait of an elderly lady with slightly stern features, dressed in black with a white lace veil, which has adorned countless corks, is one that perfectly fits the cultural notion of a widow. It is easy to neglect the fact, however, that in the early 19th century, many women were widowed when still decades from their dotage.

Ultimate luxury travel experiences -

Nothing was too grand for the recent Shanghai International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), where the biggest and most exclusive names in hospitality battled for a slice of the lucrative and growing Chinese outbound travel pie. Money not an issue? Here are a few of the more incredible experiences that were on show.

South China Morning Post
East African elephants a highlight for tourists, a livelihood for locals

Clouds of red dust rise up through the distant under­growth followed by a growing crescendo of rustling and shuffling before the first attempt at a fearsome trump. It sounds more like a children's party trumpet. Baby elephants are cute enough, but when red-brown from hours out playing and foraging in the dry Nairobi National Park, they look like they've been dusted in cocoa powder.

CNN Travel
How to celebrate the royal wedding in style

(CNN) - If you haven't received an invitation by now, the chances are there won't be a seat for you at St. George's Chapel at Britain's Windsor Castle on May 19. From getting up close-ish on their brief processional route to having your own royal getaway, here are some travel options to allow you to say you were there -- at least in spirit.

South China Morning Post
Cricket on ice unites old foes India and Pakistan in St Moritz

Switzerland has long been a popular travel destination with Indian tourists, largely thanks to its use as a backdrop in Bollywood films, its hills coming alive with perfectly choreographed and synchronised dancers. The young couple from Mumbai, however, sitting next to me on the Glacier Express train, are visiting the chic Swiss resort of St Moritz for a very different and highly unusual reason: a cricket tournament ...

Prestige Online - Society's Luxury Authority
Venture into the Ryokans, Onsens and Forests of Japan

As we wend our way from the station in Nakatsu, 120km east of Fukuoka on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, it quickly becomes clear that my week with Walk Japan has one critical element: being naked among strangers. As a Brit, this prospect is absolutely terrifying.

CNN Travel
Perth: Australia's new capital of cool

(CNN) - It was the unlikely setting of a dark basement rock bar named Alfred's Pizzeria that confirmed our suspicions about Perth. Under a tongue-in-cheek sign proclaiming "No Stairway to Heaven," brilliant cocktails, the perfect playlist and impeccable handmade pizzas came together in one of the coolest bars in what's definitely one of the coolest cities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Manila's Culinary Moment

Forget what you think you know about Philippine food. Here, we visit four restaurants in the nation's capital that are pushing the boundaries of the local cuisine well beyond the standard sisig and adobo.

CNN Travel
Top chefs on tour: 10 global culinary pop-ups

Chris Dwyer, CNN * Updated 17th July 2017 (CNN) - Pop-ups have taken the culinary world by storm in recent years, allowing chefs of repute to bring their unique experience and talent to shine in someone else's kitchen.

Cathay Pacific Discovery
World's best dishes: Sichuan peppercorn - Discovery

It's an obsession shared by many who love Chinese food: Sichuan peppercorns, or hua jiao. The tiny, woody jewels that famously numb the lips are not peppercorns at all, but seed pods of the prickly ash tree.

World's 50 best restaurants of 2017

New York's Eleven Madison Park knocked Italy's Osteria Francescana into second place and pushed Spain's El Celler de Can Roca into third, after seven years climbing the leader board. The 2017 ceremony took place in Melbourne, Australia on April 5, having moved from New York the year before.

South China Morning Post
Cherry blossom time in Kyoto: where to go and what to eat

Hanami, or watching the cherry blossoms, is a Japanese institution. Here's our guide to the best restaurants and locations to sit, eat and enjoy sakura season in Japan's beautiful former imperial capital

The Robb Report
Best of the Basque

The very best of the Basque jewel, San Sebastian.

Hong Kong's Most Lavish Tour for Foodies

A five-star tour of some no-frills Kowloon eateries whets the appetite for what could be the best Cantonese dinner in Hong Kong. By Chris Dwyer Photographs by Callaghan Walsh In the center of the wooden workbench sits a metal bowl of sweet and fragrant char siu pork topped with pine nuts.

The hottest new restaurants for 2017

Located on Albermarle Street in swanky Mayfair, it promises a fun and modern take on the country's cooking with dishes that include hoedeopbap: slices of raw and fresh seafood with signature Korean dressing and marinated skewers of Ibérico pork and prime rib, cooked in the classic Korean barbecue style.

12 beautiful new hotels to check into in 2016 -

A heritage-listed former pub in Sydney? Whether you like your hotels opulent, classy, off-the-wall or flashy, these top new properties -- some already open -- are worth checking into in 2016. Opened: December 1, 2015 Quirky Keemala is designed around both nature and culture, making it one of Phuket's most unique properties.

The Peak
Marco Pierre White interview

The Godfather of contemporary British cuisine, Marco Pierre White once held three Michelin stars at a younger age than any other chef in history. His mercurial talents and life story are laid bare in an in-depth interview for Hong Kong's leading luxury magazine.

Dishing up Da Nang

Central Vietnam is home to some of the richest and most diverse cuisine in Asia, with brilliant, iconic dishes at every turn. From street-side eats to fine dining, the stretch of coast around Da Nang and Hoi An is revealed as a true culinary paradise.

Crave Magazine
Tulum, Mexico: Technicolor

I visit the culinary hotspot of Tulum in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula for Hong Kong gourmet publication Crave magazine.

Dishing Up Da Nang

Vietnam's third largest city is second to none when it comes to homegrown cuisine, as a tour of eateries both here and in nearby Hoi An reveals. By Chris Dwyer Photographs by Liem Tran Quang Vietnam famously enchanted both the author Graham Greene and his protagonist Thomas Fowler in The Quiet American.

Covid-19 is killing restaurants. So why is Michelin still obsessing about star ratings?

(CNN) - Walk into almost any fine dining kitchen and the chances are its chefs would say there's only one holy grail of achievement in their profession: to be awarded a Michelin star. Since 1926 in France, and more recently around the world, these accolades have come to represent the pinnacle of cuisine and also helped raise the profile of French tire giant Michelin.

Six outrageously opulent Dubai experiences -

Opulence is everywhere. A McLaren F1 sits casually behind a Ferrari F150 at the stoplight, certain hotels offer guests a 24-carat gold iPad to use during their stay, while gold leaf and marble often seem the only materials interior designers have to work with.

Fine Dining Lovers
Alain Ducasse: "French Cuisine? It's Plural"

A chat with French top chef Alain Ducasse, who shared his thoughts on the state of contemporary French cooking and produce - inside and outside France. By Chris Dwyer on There can be few dining rooms around the world with a more impressive view than Alain Ducasse 's Spoon at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong.